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    Talk to the old man, wander around, talk to him again and he'll tell you to get on a ship. Get on the ship and you'll be sent to the Isle of Ashes.

Isle of Ashes:

    Go to the northwest island and talk to Yrsa the troll. Kill off the dragonflies as she requests. She'll tell you to go see the guy on the southwest island -- he'll join your party and tell you to get past a locked door. Go back and see Yrsa again and she'll give you the key. Return to the locked door, enter it, touch the book and the whole thing blows up, the island sinks into the ocean, and poof, you're in Strumford:


    Now is an excellent time to find a trainer -- he's in the far southwest corner of the map.

    Ludwigs manuscript: Ludwigs house is just south of where you enter the city. Visit him and get the quest to retrieve ludwigs manuscript. Ludwigs manuscript is in the sewer (numerous entrances, including ludwigs house). The manuscript is on the third level. When killing lobbers, make sure to get the lobber hanging from the ceiling first as it will continue to hatch lobber pods. Some decent items are available on level 2 -- explore it thoroughly. Your reward is 2000 gold.

    Slay the dragon: Kenneth Wartooh, tavern

    Find the Saboteur: Bjarni Herjolfssen, tarvern. The saboteur is easy to find, he's in a house to the south of the tavern. Find him, talk to him, and return to Bjarni. Easy quest, 500 gold. 

    Anskram Keep: Bjarni Thorvaldssen, big house. Bjarni will tell you to go to the keep and clear out the imps. To find the keep, exit the city and follow the path. You can break in by attacking the wall on one of the towers (it's very hard to see, but it's there).

      NOTE: There is a bug in version 1.0 of the game. You must enter the keep on the TOP level, and you must not leave until you have cleared out the entire keep. If you do leave and return, the keep will not be able to finish (see the hints page for a fix).

      There are two levers in rooms on the right and left hand sides of the keep that you can flip. The double doors in the center work like an air-lock. Flip the switch, stand between, the door behind you will close and the one in front will open.

      You must destroy a total of 8 imp portals. Do this by killing all the imps until the fire goes out. Once all 8 portals are cleared, a big imp will appear in the front room.

    Free Ivsar Forktooth: Bjarni Thorvaldssen, big house. Take the boat to Drangheim. The prison is outside the city, past the little village with the windmill. Enter the prison and get the visitors pass. The general is on the top level. There are guard rooms with levers in each cellblock. Pull the levers to unlock the cells.

      For the slightly more sophisticated adventurer, there are at least two other ways to handle the prison: 1) By talking to the cook (lower level), he'll show you a shortcut to get to the top. 2) There is a rope that leads in and out of the basement, and a ladder from the basement to the top level.

      There is a black chest in one of the rooms.

      Once Isvar is free, return to Stromford and re-acquire him in the tavern. Bring him to Bjarni and collect your reward.

    Deliver Letter: Bjarni Thorvaldseen, big house. The letter needs to be delivered to the Jarl of Trondheim. Take the boat to Drangheim, then to Guberland, and from there you can get to Trondheim (may need to go by way of Thjorgard; I don't recall)


    Nicolai Ironfist needs a job: Nicolai, standing around by entrance. (there's circus at Thorjnar -- will this work??)

    Destroy Anskram Defenses: Sigmund, upper level of sigmunds house. Take the boat back to Stromford, go to Anskram keep, enter through the back door as before. Go to the top level of the keep and you'll find a trapdoor. Enter it and blast the two chains with your long range weapon -- that'll lower the drawbridge. There's a very hard to see lever below a chain in this room -- that'll raise the portcullis.

    Get Crona Kiga: Sigmund, upper level of sigmunds house. The chasm of death is to the northeast of the city. The first half is relatively easy, then you start running into apparitions. The apparitions will appear and attack from behind you. I suggest walking backwards, and when you see one of them, blast him with your ranged weapons as long as possible. Once you've beaten the apparitions, we have mummies, zombies, and lots of skeletons to deal with. Many of these monsters regenerate and have to be killed twice. My suggestion is to draw these monsters as few as possible at a time, range attack them while running backwards. The chasm is tough, especially if your party isn't quite up to par yet. Fortunately you will get plenty of experience. The Crona Kiga is in the area at the very end of the gorge. You can skip the two intermediate areas near the southern area of the chasm if you wish.

    Crusader Promotion: Guy in temple. Go to the Yabboe camp which is just north of the village with the windmill. Kill all the thieves, and pick up the herbs, plow, and doll. Return them to the townspeople. Return to the temple and collect your reward

    Assassin Promotion: Alti the Quick, Tavern. You need to do two things:

    1. Steal Kluso's knife. To get to Kluso's house, take the ladder up to where the Jarl is, and cross the little bridge. Climb a ladder and enter Kluso's top level. The knife is hanging on the wall above the fireplace on the bottom level. Another knife is located in a black chest, but that's not the one you want.
    2. Murder Guaire a Velsi. He's walking outside around the tavern. He looks like a bandit holding two knives. Just walk up to him and kill him.


    Cleanse Town Portal: This portal is of the not-so-easy-to-find variety. It's in a building in the lower right side of the Guberland map. The map shows it as kind of a sqaurish building with two triple bar lines running across the top and bottom of it. The town portal altar has been turned into someones dining table.

    Promotion: Initiate->Healer: Tjolnir, temple. Tjolnir wants you to find an antidote for Nutty Nurtigan. Go to the apothcary - he's in the same building as the librarian, southwest section of town. The apothecary will ask you to get a lock of the hags hair. Leave the city and go to the northernmost section of beach, find the cave. There is a comb with a lock of hair. Take the hair back to the apothecary who makes the potion. Take the potion to Nurtigan. Then return to Tjolnir.

    Promotion: Healer->Priest: Gray Slemnir, Temple. Wants you to construct a temple. You will need to

    • Find a priest for the temple -- he can be found in the monastery at Lindisfame. Talk to the head priest, then wait till morning and find your guy in the yard -- he'll say he'll meet you in guberland.  Note there is a minor bug in the game in that this quest list does not show this quest as completed, but once the guys "says" he's going to guberland, you are in fact done with him.
    • Find an icon -- the tree of life at the frosgard ruined temple. The ruined temple has a couple of puzzles:
      • There's a room with a pedestal and some symbols on the walls. Look at the sides of pedestal to see what symbols need to be pushed, then push the button in the center. The floor will drop out.
      • There's a room with a broken grave. Press a button on the wall to remove the headstone. Then jump in the grave and blast out the floor. The symbol is down there.
      • Exit via a ladder in the grave room
    • Find NATH'I A'MOR to show you the consecration ritual -- this is easy. He's simply standing near the training grounds in Frosgard city.

    Retrieve book of rules: Markel. The book of rules is at the academy, which is to the west of Lindisfame city. The guards in the academy are fairly weak, so slaughter them. Make you way towards a round room near the bottom of the map (it has a ladder in the center leading up to some stacks of books). There are two ways to do this: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way involves picking up books and placing them on the correct tables (up the ladder), then a secret door will open and give you a note with a code that you must decode. The easy way: simply take the stairs up out of this room (towards the room with the weapons) and you'll see a single solitary book case. Look closely and there's a book sticking out -- push the book that's sticking out and a passage will open into the room where the book of rules is.

    Beat Ivan the smart: Markel. Ivan the smart is in the gathering which (if memory serves) is to the southeast of the city -- it's the circus looking thing. The answers are: strumford/drangheim, verhoffin, hallenhalt, hubris, magic items, murdered, and ivan the smart.

    Get rid of dook: Markel. The dooks castle is to the southeast of Guberland. Go to the duke, threaten to use force and he'll "agree" to leave. Go back to Markel and he'll reward you for the quest. (hmmm... sounds too easy...)


    Promotion: Initiate->Scholar: Tymon the Norb, University (northeast side of town). Find a magreeb. The magreeb is to the right of the city, in an area where there is a small lake. A "ding" will be heard when you have successfully studied the magreeb. Return to Tymon and get your promotion.

    Promotion: Scholar->Mage: Tyman the Norb/Johannes Bem, University. You need to find Verhoffin's diary. First head to the Verhoffin ruins on the Isle of Ashes. You'll run into two rooms with "terrors" in this dungeon that can be difficult -- I suggest drawing them out one at a time. There is a note and a key in a room with terrors on the lower-right side of the map. Take the key up to a locked room on the top-center of the map and get the silver book. Take it to Johannes Bem and he'll tell you it's the wrong book and give you a new key. Go to the little village outside of Drangheim. The book is under the floorboards of one of the houses. Take the book back to Johannes Bem and collect your reward.

    Retrieve Thjorad artifact: Forkbeard. The artifact in the monastery in Lindisfame. The Monastery is to the northeast of the city; You have to take a long winding path to get there. Four monks are working on the Thjorad and you will  have to ring the prayer bells to draw them away. The prayer bells are located three ladders above the church hall. The correct sequence is 1,5,2,4,3.

    Fix the problem with the mine: Forkbear. There are three problems with the mine:

    1. There is a cave in. Follow the miner to where the cave-in is, fall through the crack, battle lots of easy monsters, and follow the passage to where it opens into the machine room.
    2. The machine is broken. Go to the machine room (it's a large cylindrical room to the left of the entrance). Talk to the miner and he'll tell you to find Hjarrand the fixer, back in the city (he's in the lower left section of the city). Hjarrand will meet you on the upper level of the machine room in the mine. Hjarrand will show you the part that needs to be replaced. Take the broken part to the armorer in the city and he'll fix it for you.
    3. Some hard rock needs to be removed. This is to the right of the entrance. Follow the passage until you find the hard rock, then attack it. You'll find a demon-looking female behind the rock and a lot of cats. You inadvertently release her (I assume this will come back to haunt you sometime in the future)

    Training Hall. Snorri the Fist. The training hall is difficult if your party is not up to it. Enter the training hall by climbing up some broken tiles, and attacking a section of wall on the roof. You'll have to fight your way through to get back out, so either have town portal handy, or you better have a decent party.

      Note: The training hall must be completed in full -- without resting -- for you to win this quest. Monsters without spellcasting ability can be lured into the room with the water, then you can climb the ropes and blast them.

      Each time you enter the training hall, it completely resets. This is a good way to build a lot of experience.

      I've been told there is a black chest in the crate room, but you need high perception skill to find it.


    Crusader Promotion: Monastery. To damn a family, find the thief (at Stromgard?) and take him to jail. This damns the family. His family is in a house in the upper left section of the map. Talk to the family, including the elder son on the upper level. Get him a job by talking to the merchant in one of the shops (magic shop?). This saves the family.


    There's a desert terror in the Northeast section of town. My party couldn't defeat him, but the town guards (who seem to replenish endlessly) finished him off. I've heard reports that if YOU attack him, the desert terror GAINS hitpoints, whereas if the town guards attack him, he'll lose hitpoints.

    Clear out mountain pass: Jarl Kira. The mountain pass is to the southeast of the Trondheim region map. It's rather uneventful. Just kill all the monsters and near the end you'll hear the ding that signifies you are done. Return to Kira.

    Get rid of honkies: Jarl Kira. Go to the docks and talk to the dock master about where to send the honkies to (I sent them to Beldonia). Then return to the city and speak to each of the three honkies and tell them to meet at the docks.

    Prevent Murder of Forkbeard: Jarl Kira. Take boat to Thjorgard. Give the letter to Forkbeard. He'll tell you to go to the arena, which is an exit on the right side of the city map, just east of the university. Wait until the next morning, then make your way into the arena fighting area. Open one of the doors and you'll find the assassin. Confront him and return to the Jarl. Forkbeard will tell you to find Harrus Willington. I believe he's in either the armor or the weapon shop.

    Mercenary Promotion: Thorfinn Skullsplitter, Tavern. Take boat to Guberland. You'll find the Sigmundssen, the guy you need to protect, at the entrance to the gathering. He'll tell you to wait until 3 am by the docks. Go to the docks, wait, and kill the bandits. Around 6 am, Sigmundssen will be returning to the docks. Talk to him and he'll promote you to mercenary.

    Deliver Message: Dagfari the Peevish, Inn. Deliver the scroll of bad news to the temple. It is near Jarl Kira's house.


    Cleanse town portal: This town portal was especially hard for me to find. It's in the magic shop, on the south side of the town (The shop is built into the side of the hill).

    Clear the ice: Jarl Kira. You'll find a man along the northwest side of the city with an exploding barrel. Have him deliver the barrel to the docks and then blast it. Blast any other ice away with your ranged weapons, then return to the jarl.

    Kill the frost giant: Jarl Kira. The frost giant is in Yanmirs sky fort. You cannot defeat Yanmir by fighting him! To defeat him, go to the smaller passages on the right side of the map (there are some winding tunnels). Keep working your way around (there may be a secret door; I don't recall)  and you'll find a way to get to some support beams uinder Yanmir's floor. Break the support beams. Then go up and lure Yanmir across them. He'll fall to his death. You have to be kind of quick about it and get off the weak spot before he steps on it, or you'll fall with him. .


    To get to Yorwick, take the "connecting tunnel" that is in the upper left side of the Tronheim map.

    Lost Sheep: The little girl has lost her sheep. The sheep is nearby.

:War Council:

    Stop the Stromgard/Drangheim war: Messenger, Tronheim. Stromgard and Drangheim are at war (gee how did that happen, did someone destroy some keep defenses? break into a prison? ...) This is easy to solve. Visit both Jarls, then visit Kira to get her to make a treaty. Visit both Jarls again, then go to tronheim.

    Find a new Jarl for Guberland: Kira, Tronheim. Kira stuck Markel with her sword, so Guberland needs a new Jarl. I don't know how I solved this quest. I did the "stuffed dragon" quest below, and visited a bunch of people in guber, and at some point the quest went away. Will post more when I figure out what happened.

    Win the prize at the Thing: Yrsa, Tronheim. Yrsa pops up and demands that you win a prize for her daughter. The thing is in the upper left corner of the Thjorgard map. You must win all the games to win the stuffed dragon:

    • Boat Contest: shoot the boat with your arrow
    • Runestones: Click a stone on the bottom row, then click one on the top row to transfer the color. Push the button and the ones you have right will burn. Try different colors in the ones that aren't burning and push the button again.
    • Fighter: Just click on him
    • Bell: Click at the bottom of the bell and if it dings, you win.
    • Stones: Place stones adjacent to your own stone -- try to wall off your opponent so you can keep placing stones and he can't.

    Trouble finding Yrsa's daughter? She's outside Tronheim city, hiding in some trees (go out the northwest gate of tronheim city).

    Once you are done, return to the war council at Tronheim.

    Get the Army Back: Upon returning to tronheim, talk to the guard in front of the war council room. You find Forad Dahr led them all to Yorwick. Go to Yorwick (I used a lloyd's to get me there), and you'll find the army has been defeated. Your new quest is to go to Arslegard and speak with Skraelos. So where is Arslegard? Well, you know that big castle in the sky where you go when you die (well... maybe you're the type who never dies...) -- that is Arslegard. So go drown yourself, jump off a big cliff, or do whatever it takes to get yourself killed.

    Writ of Fate: The Arslegard guy doesn't believe you, and sends you to get a writ of fate. He'll transport you to the Dark Passageway.

      Bridge Puzzle: There is a note at the beginning of the puzzle. The hilighted words are Skeleton Banshee Lich Zombie Banshee Lich Zombie Skeleton. Just press the statues in that order. The first half of the sequence takes the bridges all to the bottom and the second half brings them up to the top and in line.

      Abyss Room: There is a winding path to your right that you might not notice as you enter the room. Follow that path up to the top and push the skeleton statue. The big statues will begin shooting lasers. Go back down the path and enter the door that opened.

      Island Room: After some swimming, you'll come to an island with a cage and a crystal in it. There's a female sea monster somewhere in the water. Kill her and the cage will go away.

      Laser Room: One of the most annoying puzzles in the game. You need to adjust some mirrors so that a laser will fire from the crystal on a pedastal in the SE corner to a crystal on the side wall of the room. You want to direct the mirrors to fire in this order: SE(crystal) -> W -> N -> NW -> crystal. It's a lot of work, but with enough tweaking, you'll get it. Once you hit the crystal, a zillion terrors will be released, so prepare for a battle.

      Numbered platform room. You'll come to a room with four numbered platform and a pillar. Look at the pillar and you'll see the correct order (if memory serves, it's 3-1-2-4, but check it yourself). Flip the lever on the pillar, then step on the platforms in the correct order. The final platform will rise -- jump across to the exit when you get to the top.

      Okay, now that we've completed the Dark Passage of Frustration, we meet a little guy who wants us to retrieve an item from the guberland gathering and give bring to it the isle of ashes.

      Retrieving the Capstone of Order: Some dude at the gathering has the captsone and he wants all of the gathering prizes in order to give it to you. Go to the easiest gathering game (the bell) and play it until you are awarded all the prizes.

      Placing the Capstone of Order: Go to Verhoffins ruins on the isle of ashes. The captsone is placed in the lab, which is the room with the black chest just off the pentagram. The code for the pentagram is available from a note in a building to the northeast (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange). Once you are done, commit get yourself killed again and return to Arslegard.

    Get the Army Back (continued): Now that you have the writ of fate, you can gain entrance into Arslegard.

      Light the Six Fires: Skraelos is in the hall of the gods (located in Arslegard) and wants you to pay the price for the fallen army. There are several phases:

      1. Apologize to the Jarls you killed
      2. Answer some questions: "you", "i serve you", "others trusted my misjudgement", "betrayal", "pay the price", "ultimate price" and "yes".
      3. Kill the a bunch of warriors
      4. Find the Jarl's swords (there are only 5; look for them in the battlefield)
      5. Step through the fire

      Once you're done, go talk Skraelos again. He'll inform you Forkbeard is waiting for you.

    Steal the Golden Honk: Fre, hall of the gods. The cult of honk is worshiping Fre's pet goose and she wants you to steal their golden honk. The temple of honk is on the guberland map. Go there, find you way to the golden honk, take it. The elder honk in that room will turn hostile. Kill him and lloyd's or town-portal your way out.

    Attack the Beldonian Hordes at Frosgard: Sven Forkbeard, entrance to Hallenhalt (the entrance to the hall of the gods). Forkbeard tells you the Beldonian hordes are moving on Frosgard. Go to Frosgard where you'll find a battle is underway. Kill all the bad guys, including your old friend Forad Darre. You'll find Temur Leng in the town hall. Talk to Tamur and you'll find out that he also has a writ of fate that he is victorious.

    Conflicting Writs of Fate: A messenger will appear and tell you that you've been summoned before Krohn. Go to the hall of the Gods in Arslegard. Krohn will tell you that Njam the Meddler has given you both false writs of Fate and ask you to lure Njam into the tomb of 1000 terrors.

    Lure Njam into the Tomb of 1000 terrors: Krohn. Krohn will give you a key to Njam's house.

      Find Njam: Njam's house is west of the entrance to the hall of the gods. Cross over the little bridge and it'll be on your right. Open the door and it'll say "you used a key". Once you see Njam, he'll go hostile.

      Tomb of 1000 Terrors: Once you've got Njam's attention, go the tomb of 1000 terrors. It is at located in the grassy area next to the bath house (it's kind of hidden along the wall. Njam will teleport in every so often, beat you up a little and teleport out (gee, that makes a lot of since; An immortal god appears for ten seconds, hits you a couple of times and pops back out...).

      Puzzle Room: On the first level of the tomb, you'll run into the puzzle room. It has three black chests (one contains the stair key!). Once you've defeated the bad guys in that room, you'll have to solve the puzzle door. Press only the following hilighted sequence on the door:

















      If you screw up and press any of the non-hilighed symbols, it can be kind of a pain to get things back on track.

      Once you've completed the puzzle room (remember to get the stair key from one of the black chests), make your way back to a stairway that is near where you entered the level.

      Chess Room: You'd better know how to play chess, or this will be a real pain. If you step on any square where a chesspiece can attack you, you will be knocked off the board. Here's how chesspieces work:

        Pawn: attacks one square diagonally
        Knight: one square straight, then one diagonal
        Bishop: attacks multiple squares diagonally.

      Just be careful and you'll find your way through. The chess room has the key to maze room in one of the black chests.

      Room with Lamp: There's a room with platforms and a lamp in the center. I pressed the lamp and some red mist came out (who knows what that did). Also of note is that there are some short pillars along the walls that you can jump into.

      Maze Room: The maze would be incredibly difficult were it not for the built in automap. Just hit 'm' to bring up the map and you should have no trouble spotting the path.

      Final Battle (second chessboard): Njam appears and says he's not going to let you pull the lever. Once you cross the second chessboard, you'll be attacked by a multitude of foes, including lesser demons, greater demons, etc. This would be a very hard battle to win. I just ran across the room and found the lever (you can see it on the automap). Pull the lever and appears and gets himself imprisoned. The gods have a little chat, show you your true writ of fate (i.e. your score) and let you continue on to do whatever you want.

      Congratulations, you have won the game! (... well it might be more accurate to say you will win the game as soon as you stop reading this walkthrough and go back to playing like you should be...)