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This page contains hints and spoilers for Might and Magic 9:

Isle of Ashes:

    There is a chest that you can get to fairly easily in the Verhoffin Ruins by taking the first right turn after you enter -- make sure to use a character w/ disarm trap skill to open it

    To get past the locked door, go see yrsa the troll again.


    Dealing with lobbers & lobber pods. You must kill the lobber who is hatching the lobber pods -- he will be hanging from the ceiling. Get under him and blast him with your ranged weapons and spells -- then deal with any lobber pods that were hatched.

Anskarn Keep Bug: (game version 1.0)

    If you leave Anskarn keep without clearing it, you will not be able to complete the quest -- the big imp will never appear. M&M supposedly has a fix for this, but it didn't work for me. The following workaround though did work for me:

      1. Leave the keep, and position yourself by the entrance on the top floor
      2. ALT-TAB out of the game, navigate to the "minisaves" directory, and remove all of the anskarn* files from the minisaves directory. You can safely delete them, but if you're a prudent person like me, you can just move them out to a temporary directory. ALT-TAB back into the game.
      3. Enter anskarn via the TOP entrance. Use the switch/double-doors in the center to get from the back half to the front half. Everything will be reset. Kill all the imps, and a "ding" sound will be heard. A big imp will appear in the front room. Kill him and you're done.

 Town Portal Altars:

    Each town has a town portal altar. In order to get the town portal spell to work you will need to "cleanse" the altars by clicking on them. Each time you get to a new town, you should look for the altar. That way when you do get the town portal spell, you'll have them already taken care of. The altar looks kind of like a small stone chest. Many of them can be found near the Jarls and/or town halls. Sometimes they are being "used" by the town residents, such as having books staked on them, so keep your eye out. All town portal altars are inside the towns, so you have no need to look outside of a town.

Training Hall:

    The training hall (throjnar map) must be completed in full -- without resting -- for you to win this quest. Monsters without spellcasting ability can be lured into the room with the water, then you can climb the ropes and blast them.

    Each time you enter the training hall, it completely resets. This is a good way to build a lot of experience.


    The game does respawn monsters and items after a certain amount of time. Be careful tackling a large dungeon (such as the chasm of the dead), and running back and forth to the town to raise levels as if you waste too much time, you could end up causing the dungeon to respawn. This happened to me in the chasm of the dead and I had to re-fight my way through the entire thing. Of course, respawning the dungeon is a great way to build experience points and accumulate treasure.

    Rumor has it that black chests respawn also, but I have not confirmed it.


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