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If you need help with the game:

    I recommend Telp's MM9 Tavern. That's a place where you can post questions to other mm9 players, and get a relatively quick response. You can also search (they have a "find" button) to see if your question has already been answered.

For comments on my Walkthrough:

    You can contact me at This email address is for corrections, comments, telling me my spelling sucks, administrative details, etc only. If you are -stuck- in the game and need help, please use the link to the MM9 tavern. While I'd like to help everyone with the game, I simply don't have time to respond to hundreds of messages per day asking questions.

Want to Trade Links?

    If you want to trade links with my site, or have software (trainers, cheats, editors, etc) that you'd like to put up for download, then email me at I don't have a links or software page online yet, but I'll be adding them sooner or later, depending on responses. I would, of course, require a link to your site in return.


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