I generally write the walkthrough as I play the game, so it's sort of a work in progress....

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    The game starts off with you being prisoner in a slaver camp and about to be sold to the inquisition. Your "spirit" will appear and tell you to pick the lock on your cell and sneak past the guard. Do this fairly quickly as assassins are on their way to kill you.

    After escaping the slaver camp, Signor Leo will appear and teleport you to the gate district of Barcelona.

General Hints

    Search everywhere! Always have the search icon turned on as it will often times reveal hidden treasure in people's houses, the city, and outdoors.

    To get your starting party up to spec, I'd suggest the following quests:

    1. Esteban's 3 quests in the crossroads outside of Barcelona
    2. Shakespeares Muse (Docks District, described in the mini-cluebook)
    3. The Wind Scroll (Docks District; described in the mini-cluebook)

Barcelona Gate District

    You can find Squire Sintiago who will tell you how to access the temple district and give you some background on the templers. Acolyte Garcia will give you some background on the inquisitors.

    The templer district can be found to the west (ask the guards to open the gate after you've spoken with Squire Santiago) and the docks are to the east. Feel free to explore.

    You can exit to the outside of barcelona to the "crossroads" by leaving the gate district through the city gates and crossing the bridge.

    Two goblins plotting an attack. There are two goblins plotting an attack to the west of the entrance, outside of the city. You can either agree to spy for the goblins or report them to the guards.

    Finding the lost street of the wielders. Theres a hidden street belonging to the wielders located in the gate district. To find it, first talk to Signor Leo and ask him about the factions, and the other smaller factions, then ask about the wizards. Eventually, he'll tell you to go seek out Quinn the Herbalist. Go seek out Quinn. Quinn's house is in the gate district, at the far north of the map, to the left of Weng Choi's house. Talk to Quinn and he'll give you an amulet that will reveal the location of the hidden street. It's in the western wall of the gate district, near the south of the map.

    The Knights of Sulaban. Right outside the barcelona gates are three knights of Sulaban. Talk to Amir Ibn Shazid and he will set you up with a challenge. The first part of the challenge is to find Ali Hubai. Ali Hubai is disguised as the waitress in the tavern. Go talk to her (him) and she (he) will give you a letter for the Amir. Talk to the amir, and he will ask you to get the shard of dreams. The shard of dreams is located in the Slaver camp, and you probably won't be getting it until you've completed the quest to take out the Slaver camp. Once that is done, you need a "valuable gem". There's a thief in a house in the docks district that will sell you one. Once that is done, the Amir will send you to see the dream djinn, who will have two paths that you can take: intellect or might.

    If you choose the intellect path, you will be given a series of riddles. They are all fairly simple. The particular ones that you will be given are randomly chosen and you will have to answer three correctly. Here are a couple of answers:

    • What's upside-down and the gems don't fall off: the sky
    • What's holier than god, eviler than the devil, ...: nothing
    • One color, but not one size, ...: Shadow
    • Walk on the living, they don't crumble...: Leaves
    • In naming me, I'm no longer there...: Silence
    • The three beggars: third beggar

    Weng Choi's book collection. A merchant at the northern end of the gate district, Weng Choi, buys rare books. There are numerous books scattered throughout the game. Rumor has it that if you give eight of the books to Choi, you will get a perk (I haven't done so yet). Locations for some of the books include:

    • DaVinci's bookshelf in the port district
    • One of the chest's in shylocke's office.
    • In the kahn/shaman goblin cave (go through a couple of secret passages behind the throne room)
    • La Calle De Perdida, in a chest near brambles
    • In the dragon treasure room from Cortes' treasure quest
    • Somewhere in the hall of beggars (near the wererats)

La Calle De Perdida

    This is the lost street of the wielders (see the gate district section above for how to get here).

    Join the Wielders. Unfortunately for me, I had already accepted the Templer's quest at this point, and as such the wielders refused to talk with me. bummer. :(

    Teleporter Room. There is a room with several teleporters. Next to each teleporter is a sign that says where it will go.  Useful locations include the crossroads, quinn's house, the inquisitors pit,  and the enchanters trap.

    Enchanter's Trap. Select the teleporter that claims it will take you to "untold riches". This is acually a trap created by an enchanter, and you're going to have to go to some effort to find a way out. Travel between the islands is by sliding rocks that form bridges. Two of the islands have skeletons (trapped souls) that will help you by moving the bridges for you. The second skeleton (Marco Polo) will give you the option of either transporting out of the trap, or fighting the enchanter. If you want to fight the enchanter, then you'll have to go back to the first skeleton and ask his help, and then return to Marco Polo. Once the enchanter is killed, the portal on Marco's island will become active for you. Marco Polo will also enchant himself into a pair of boots (Marco's Boots) for you.

    See more of La Calle de Perdida. There is a teleporter that is described something like "see more of La Calle de Perdida". This will take you to an island where there is a missing lever. Go back and ask the guy whose in charge of the teleporters and he'll give you the lever (easy enough....).

    Brambles. Brambles has been turned into a tree by the evil wielder, Relican. Brambles is the tree to the west of the entrance to La Calle Perdida. Talk to the tree to get the quest. Also look for a rare book in the chest next to Brambles that you can use for the Weng Choi quest. You'll find Relican in the exterior map leading to the slaver pits. He'll drop a potion. Pick ip up and return it to Brambles, and you'll get a nice perk for your efforts.

    The 5 ways crystals. In the eastern section of La Calle Perdida is a big crystal with a wielder tending it. Talk to him and he'll tell you about the ways crystals. Touch the crystal and you should get some bonuses.

Outside Barcelona (Crossroads)

    (You might want to recruit Cervantes (see the Templer map) before going on any quests)

    I found the outdoor quests to be the easiest for a starting character. Leave the gate district and travel outside and you'll come across Esteban who has three quests for you:

    1. Wasps. They are in the northern half of the crossroads map. There is also another map with a cave if you continue north bound. I don't remember how many wasps I had to kill (presumably all of them...) but they're slow and fairly easy to kill with a magic spell.
    2. Thieves. The laughing bandit is in the southern section of the crossroads map. You should be able to persuade him to leave for a week so you can complete the quest by giving him 30 gold.
    3. Goblins. There's lot's of goblins around. I don't recall if it was only necessary to kill the ones on the crossroads map (probably), or also to kill the ones on the maps to the north, south, and west of the crossroads map.

    When finished with these three quests, talk to Esteban and collect your reward, then return to Barcelona.

    Teleporter. There is a teleporter on the crossroads map (big blue crystal) that can teleport you to small blue crystals on maps that you've already visited. Very useful for getting around in a hurry.

    Woodcutter's Daughter. A map or two to the west of the crossroads is the woodcutter's house. He's looking for his daughter. I believe I found her somewhere in the map to the north of the crossroads (near the wasps and goblins).

    Captain Morales. Captain Morales Is along the shore south of the crossroads. He's been murdered and you need to find out why. Some ship captains in the docks district have some info for you on this. There's a sailor with his tongue cut out who knows about the murder (he's on the northernmost dock). Talk to him and (if your speech skill is high enough) then you should be able to get him to tell you that a demonkin sailor will tell you the answer. The demonkin sailor is in the tavern and won't tell you who the killer is, but lets it slip that the killer is a "she". There's only one female sailor and that is captain isabella, so go confront her. You can chose to fight her, or (if your speech skill is good enough) convince her to turn herself in.

Barcelona Temple District

    The temple district is located to the west of the gate district (talk to Squire Santiago and then the guards to open the door).

    Recruit Cervantes. Cervantes is in the park, chasing after "La Bestia". Agree to help him, and then follow him approximately three iterations while he searches for La Bestia (each time he attacks a tree or lamppost). Eventually you'll wind up with him at the Cathedral where the guards ask you to get rid of him. Talk to Cervantes and convince him to follow YOU for a while, and he'll join your party.

    Cure Cervantes. To cure Cervantes' delusions, go see Leonardo at his workshop in the docks. He'll tell you to take Cervantes to the windmill (it's outside the city, south of the crossroads map). Once you've fought La Bestia (Don Quixote), Cortes will be cured and he will leave your party.

    Machiavelli's House. Machiavelli is having a problem with assassins (sounds like the same thing that happened to you). There are two hidden treasures here (use search). If you talk to Machiavelli and agree to help him, then he will be attacked immediately after you leave the house. When this happens, walk back into the house and there'll be about four assassins for you to deal with (they can be a little difficult for a starting party). After dispatching the assassins, talk to Machiavelli and you'll get some useful information.

    Maria the Daeva. There's a small house with a dead female and a daeva in it. Not much to do there yet...

    Becoming a Templer. Go see Sir Auric in the armory (just south of the cathedral). Auric wants you to deal with a thief in the docks district. He's in the southern section of the docks district and will jump out at you as you walk through an ally. When you enter combat with him, he'll summon several archers, so be careful. Return to Auric when completed

    Auric will tell you to go see Lord Javier in the cathedral. Javier will tell you to see Esteban at the crossroads and complete his three tasks (wasps, goblins, and thieves). If you've already done this, then there will be a dialog option saying it's already done. If not, then leave the city, go to the crossroads, and do the task. When complete, go back to Javier and he'll tell you to go see Auric. Auric will ask you to rescue a Templer from the sewer.

    The Templer Knight is being held in the Thieves Congregation in the sewer. He's in a passage that is just a bit south of Juanita Suarez (the thieves boss). Follow the passage and you'll see a knight templer sleeping on the ground. NOTE: If you click on him, then you'll have to choose whether or not to help him. If you choose to help, then all of the thieves (including Juanita) will go hostile, preventing you from doing any more thief quests. If you don't help him, then he will go hostile, preventing you from completing the templer quest.

    Houston, we have a problem... There's a bug in the game that might prevent you from leaving the sewers with the knight in your party. You'll know if it happens because the game will crash when you try to leave. If this happens to you, then first check the Black Isle site for a patch (as of the time of writing this, they're still working on it....). If that doesn't pan out, then there is a quick fix that you can do. The problem occurs because the "autosave" is corrupted when you exit the sewers. This file is usually c:\program files\black isle\savegames\autosave.sav (or something like that; it depends on your installation). There are a few steps necessary to fix the problem: (my apologies, but the following gets a bit technical)

    1. Save your game right before exiting the sewer (use a "real" save, not the autosave)
    2. Exit or ALT-ESC to windows and get a shell (cmd) prompt.
    3. Delete the file c:\program files\black isle\lionheart\savegames\autosave.sav (this will obviously kill the autosave file)
    4. Create a folder in it's place (i.e. mkdir c:\program files\black isle\lionheart\savegames\autosave.sav). Sticking a folder in the way like this will make the game unable to create a new corrupted autosave file. (When the game tries to autosave,  it won't be able to create autosave.sav because the folder is in the way, and the bug will be avoided)
    5. Start lionheart, load up your savegame, and exit the sewers. It should work this time and the knight will leave your party. Make a new savegame once you've successfully exited the sewers.
    6. Back in windows, remove the folder you created in step #4 (i.e. rmdir c:\program files\black isle\lionheart\savegames\autosave.sav). This will make the autosave feature start working again.

    Okay now that we've saved the knight, go see Auric and Javier again. Your next task is to get a Lion Shield created. Go see Eduardo the blacksmith. He'll ask you to retrieve his sword from the sewers (don't remember where I found it, but it's down there somewhere). When you find it, it'll be clearly described in your inventory as Eduardo's sword. Bring it to Eduardo, and he'll want some silver ore.

    The silver ore is in the goblin caves that are north of the crossroads. There are two caves here, one on the east side of the map and one on the west. There are some teleporters that will transport you between different rooms in the two caves. Nothing difficult here; just kill goblins and explore until you find the ore. When you've got it, return to Eduardo, collect your Lion Shield, and return to Javier.

    Now Javier wants you to take care of the slaver problem (gee, will this guy ever be satisfied).... To get to the slaver pits, go to the crossroads and continue heading west. You'll come upon Grumdjam the goblin who needs some help killing a dryad (I chose to kill him instead). Touching the yellow crystal will take you to the dryad, who (assuming you don't kill her) will give you a quest to kill the goblin kahn.

    To get to the slaver pits, head south from the map with Grumdjum and the Dryad and you will get to the "outside the slaver pits map". There is a sewer grate that will admit you access to the slaver pits. There is also a wererat cave on this map that has a powerful Daeva in it that as of yet I have not been able to kill.

    Once inside the slaver pits, kill all the slavers and the slaver captain. Make sure to pick up the important-looking crystal that the captain drops. When finished, you can return to Javier to collect your reward.

Barcelona Docks

    Shakespeare. William Shakespeare needs you to retrieve his muse from Shylocke. This quest is documented in the mini-cluebook that came with the game. What they don't explain well in the cluebook is that you have to first find Shylocke at the tavern where he will be arguing with Cortes. Depending on whose side you choose could affect how this quest plays out.

    I chose Cortes' side, at which point Shylocke went stomping off to his house. You can track him down in his house in the Temple District. He wants $500 gold to let you have the muse (the book says $100, I wonder if the increase is because I sided against him with Cortes). Once you pay him off and get the key, open the lead chest. You'll see a message about getting shakespeares muse. Go see shakespear and complete your quest.

    Cortes. Assuming you choose to side with Cortes at the tavern,  he will ask for a new arm. Go see Leo at his workshop, and he'll tell you to see the blacksmith, who will tell you to get some ore from the sewers (easier said than done). See the sewer section for more info. Once you get the ore, return to the blacksmith, and then to leo and finally to Cortes. Cortes will join your party and place a link to his treasure on your world map.

    Finding Cortes' Treasure. Once you've given Cortes a hand (really bad joke...), he'll join your party and you can go look for the treasure. I believe it is one map west and one map south of the crossroads. Cortes will mark it on your world map. The treasure cave is in the southwest corner next to a cross (Cortes will zap the cross and turn it into a bridge). Once inside, Cortes will find his treasure and leave your party. He'll leave a gem for you. Take the gem and insert it into the dragon skeleton. Then, the dragon skeleton will turn into a teleporter that will teleport you to a treasure room with lots of chests.

    Marisol's Brother. Marisol has lost her brother in the sewers... The brother is located in a secret room near the large lava troll in the troll chambers (sewer -> hall of beggars -> troll chamber). You'll have to use your search skill to find the secret room.

    The Wind Scroll. This quest is also documented in the mini-cluebook included with the game. There's a girl captain on a boat who wants a wind scroll. Weng Choi has one, but won't give it to you until you give him a rare book for his collection. There appears to be several locations for the rare book. According to the cluebook you can get it from the Templers or DaVinci. I also found a book in one of Shylocke's chests but I don't know if it qualifies, and Shakespeare gave me a book after giving him his muse.

Barcelona Sewer

    The sewer is a big place, with lots of sub-dungeons and monsters. Some are quite significant (lava trolls, wererats).

    Beggers vs Thieves. If you enter the sewer from the Docks map (next to the boy who's lost his brother), then you'll run into a fight between beggers and thieves. I chose to side with the thieves (for no good reason in particular...)

    Getting the Ore. The ore (for Cortes' quest) is located with the Lava Trolls. To get to them, you'll have to search the sewer map until you find an exit to another map that is the "hall of beggars" map. The hall of beggars is entered from the northeast side of the sewer map. The beggers map is difficult for a fresh party due to the wererats and disease. The entrance to the troll's level is located behind some big double doors where you enter the map. Problem is, you don't have a key! You'll have to navigate the whole of the beggers map, all the way down to the bottom, and then up across several bridges to get behind the big double doors (the key to the doors is in a chest behind the doors, for easier future access).

    I found the trolls a bit difficult to kill. I specialized my character in fire magic, which is useless against them (if you can give a few points to ice magic, the ice spells work quite well). The best solution that I found is a hit and run technique -- blast them with an ice spell, then run away when the troll does his ranged attack.

    The ore is in the northern part of the Troll map, and is guarded "big lava troll" or "large lava troll" or something like that. I did find a potion of fire resistance (very useful for the battle) in a chest to the SW of where the big guy was.

    Thieves Congregation. There is a pull-chain in the main sewer level that opens an elevator that will take you to the lower thieves area. Here you will find Juanita Suarez who is the leader of the thieves. Assuming you chose to side with the thieves, she will give you two quests: 1) find her locket, and 2) kill the boss of the beggars. I'm not sure where I found the locket, but one can assume it was probably somewhere in the hall of beggars. As for the beggar boss, he's in the southernmost section of the hall of beggars and is quite difficult to kill. Once you've done this, return to Jaunita Suarez.

    Juanita will assign you the task of robbing a house. The house is between Machiavelli's house and the cathedral. Just rob the place. Make sure to use the search command, and you should find some gold and a voodoo necklace. Return to Juanita, and she'll assign you the task of collecting some dues from a person in the docks district. Complete all of Juanita's tasks and you'll get to sleep with her (don't know what happens if you PC is female; maybe you still get to sleep with her...) and she'll give you the Thieves Comrade Pact.

Misc Barcelona/Crossroads Area Quests

    Dryad vs the Goblins. The conflict begins when you encounter Grumjum the goblin on a map to the west of the woodcutter. He'll ask you to kill the Dryad. You can either choose to side with him or against him. The Dryad is accessed by stepping through a teleportation crystal (I believe it was a yellow crystal, not to be confused with the blue and red crystals on the same map). If you talk to the Dryad, she'll ask you to kill the goblin kahn.

    (Dryad quest) Killing the goblin kahn. From the Dryad's map, head north through the waterfall (follow the western side of the dryad map north until you get to the upper-left corner of the map). Then you'll go into the waterfall passage, which is full of critters for you to kill. After you've passed through the waterfall passage, you'll be in the goblin camp.

    At this point, I suggest going west through the goblin camp to gain access to the bounty hunters camp. The bounty hunters have an hammer that is +25 vs goblins, whether you hit the goblin or not. This is a very nice item to have, and I found it nearly impossible to kill the goblin kahn without the special hammer. The hammer is costly, but I've heard you can also kill the bounty hunters and take it from them (I haven't verified this).

    Once you've bought the hammer from the bounty hunters, return to the goblin camp, and proceed northward until you enter a cave. Your spirit should warn you that a daeva lurks within somewhere. Inside of the cave are two important goblins, the shaman and the kahn. The shaman has some quests for you (assuming you haven't made the goblins hostile yet). Once you've satisfied any of the shaman's quests that you want, go ahead and kill the kahn. This will of course turn any and all goblins hostile towards you, so be prepared for a fight. The fight against the Kahn is difficult (especially if you don't have the hammer +25 vs goblins) because the kahn has some kind of vampire ability that allows him to heal when he hits you. I suggest quickly dispatching of the other monsters (archers, shaman) with some area spells like fireball and then concentrating your effort on the kahn.

    (Goblin Quest) Killing the Dryad. I chose to help the dryad instead, so I didn't follow this path. But presumably, you would use the teleportation crystal to get the dryad, kill her, and then proceed to the goblin camp and shaman/kahn cave as described above.

    (Goblin Quest) Clearing out the waterfall passage. The goblin shaman will ask you to clear the monsters in the waterfall passage. If you're like me, then you've already done this, and you can just tell him so.

    (Goblin Quest) Get the woodcutter's eyes. The goblin shaman will ask you to retrieve the woodcutter's eyes. It sounded kinda evil (and I kinda liked the woodcutter), so I didn't pursue this quest.

Onward to Montserrat

    Once you've completed your faction quest (Templers, Wielders, or Inquisitor), you'll be sent to Montserrat. To get there, use one of the teleportation crystals, like the one at crossroads.

    When you get to Montserrat, you'll find the entire area infested with Snakebreed. There are a total of three maps related for you to clear at Montserrat, which include the Groves, Chambers, and Deep Chambers.

    Once you've made your way through the deep chambers, you'll encounter Brother Montgomerie, who will give you some information and them promptly die. He'll assign you the quest to proceed to the plains, which will be marked on your map.

The Plains

    The plains are infested with plants that will spew poison whenever you get close to them, so it's best to avoid the areas with the plants. You should be able to navigate around them.

    Upon entering the plains, you'll be approached by an Inquisitor, Diego, who wants your help dealing with some dark inquisitors (alternatively, you can refuse, and then accept the dark inquisitors quest to kill diego). The dark inquisitors will attack you on sight if you have diego with you.

    Once you've finished the plains map, it's time to proceed to the Pyrenees.

To be continued....

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