Party Creation:

I chose my party as follows, but it's really up to you.

    Male Aasimar Paladin
    Male Dwarf Fighter
    Female Elf Wizard
    Male Human Monk
    Female Human Rogue
    Female Cleric

    The magic users and the rogue can be difficult characters as they tend to get killed easilly. Always keep them near the rear of your party formation and let your fighters take the brunt of the damage. Equip the magic users with bows so they can fight with ranged attacks. Load up your wizard with magic missile spells and load up the healer with the best healing spells you can get.


You start out at the Docks. There are sporadic goblins in the docks area -- kill them at will.

    Reig needs a potion:

    A soldier near the Docks, Reig, needs a healing potion and asks you to get it from Magdar. Magdar is in a warehouse in the center of town. Go to the warehouse, talk to Magdar, he'll tell you to bust open the crates and take the potion. Return to Reig and talk to him.

    Brogan has raiders trapped in Warehouse:

    Brogan is standing outside a warehouse in the NE side of town. Go there and he'll tell you to get the Mercs in the tavern. Go to the Salty Dog and talk to the Mercs; They'll refuse to help. Return to Brogan, bash in (or lockpick) the door and go into the warehouse. Kill all the goblins, including those in the cave below the building. Click on the break-in in the cave and read the description. Once finished, go back to Brogan and tell him what you found.

    Hedron's Mother is in Trouble:

    Hedrons mother is in a house in the SW of town. Enter the house and kill the goblins.

Now that we've cleared all of the goblins out of town (do try to get them all; you should get a message when it's done), it's time to visit the rest of town. Go up the passage in the NW section of town.

Here you'll find several people, Koluhum is talking to dead people (don't worry about him now). There's also a trading depot where you can stock up. Misc quests in town:

    Veira the Ghost:

    Talk to the innkeeper at the Weeping Willow Inn. He'll tell you about a barred room with a ghost. Tell him you'll help. Wait until dark then go upstairs. Talk to the ghost and she'll mention Donovan. Talk to the Innkeeper again and he'll fill you in about Donovan. Go see the bartender in the Salty Dog to get a piece of Donovan's ship. Return to the ghost and talk to her again. Thenk talk to the innkeeper. The ghost will stay around, presumably for some future purpose.

Head to Ulbrech and [Note: Ulbrec's wife is a good source of spells] he'll tell you to go see Shawford Crale. Crale is in the palisade -- follow the northern gate out of town and he'll be in the first building to your right. He'll give you several subquests which are mostly running errands.

    Help Olam construct the wall:

    Olam is in the NE side of the palisade. Talk to him and you'll find out he's waiting for a shipment of wood. He'll send you to lumbar who tells you the crane is out. Return to Olam and he'll tell you to see his father who is in the docks area. Go see Olam's father, Jorun -- he's outside of the shipbuilders hut in the dock section (see the map in the IWD manual). He'll give you a gear. Return to Lumbar, click on the box on the W side of the crane, and drop the gear into it. Talk to Lumbar, then talk to Olam, who will send you back to Shawford for the next quest.

    Ishwerwoods Arrows:

    Shawford tells you to help Isherwood get some arrows. Isherwood is in the west side of the palisade. Talk to him, then go to the trading posts, get the arrows, and return to Shawford for your next quest.

    Get goblin info from Koluham.

    Shawford tells you to get info on the goblins from Koluham. Koluham is the guy who's talking to dead bodies in the hut near where you enter the upper level of town. Talk to him, then return to Shawford.

    The Iron Collar

    Shawford is upset that the Iron Collar Mercs are totally useless. Go to the Salty Dog and persuade the Mercs to get back to work. You can do it via dialog, but if that fails, maybe you can use force. *** Note: When you return to Shawford, you'll end up in a battle, so be ready for it ***

After Shawfords last quest is completed, the goblins will attack in force. There's a lot of them and a few spellcasters as well. During the battle, Phaen of Rags will appear right outside Shawford's hut. Jump on him and waste him to prevent him from casting many spells. [Note: Prior to the battle, Phaen of Rags is in a hut next to the airship; Maybe you can take him out ahead of time -- I didn't try]

If you are injured, return to Shawford's hut for healing from Nolan the healer.

As you fight the battle, a spellcaster will appear in various sections of the Palisade and fireball the walls, and summon goblins. Just keep fighting until you get all the goblins and their helpers.

Shaengarne Bridge:

Ulbrec's next task for you is to free the Shaengarne Bridge. The bridge is located outside of town on the world map. Exit through the palisade and follow the path out of town to get there.

    Clear the first batch of trees:

    One of the paths is blocked by trees. Talk to Dareth (he's being held captive by the second group of orcs) and he'll clear them for you. He wants you to find his wife, Sabrina.

    Clear the second batch of trees.

    Follow the path Dareth cleared for you and you'll find Sabrina being held by more Orcs. She'll clear a second batch of trees and warn you of a lookout. Follow the path that she cleared and kill the lookout.

    Clear the last batch of trees:

    There's a log on either side of the trees that needs to be clicked on. Beware there are still some orc firestarters hanging around a corner, so I suggest you either waste them really quickly or get rid of the blasting barrels before you encounter them.

Once the first map is cleared, proceed north to the village.

    The Moon Healer

    When you enter the map, a moon healer will appear and help you in your battle. Her sword will be stolen by the Troll Vrek. Note: you should free the villagers first before completing this quest (see below). Vrek is in a cave at the far north side of the map. The healer will give you some flaming oils to use against him. Beware, when you kill a troll, you must then attack his corpse with the flaming oils, or else he will regenerate. The healer's sword is in a chest behind Vrek.

    Free the villagers

    The villagers have been taken hostage by the orcs. If you enter the village, they will be killed. A woman, Katlin, near the entrance informs you of this. Go to the apothecary's house (it's right to the upper left of kaitlin) and you'll find an invisiblity potion. Use it on one of your characters and send one character through into the village to open the gate. Once the gate is open, take your whole party over to the mill area and dispatch the orcs. Beware that there is a blasting barrel located in the center of the villagers and a firestarter orc nearby. Talk to kaitlin again once you're done.

    Kill Torak

    Once the villagers are freed, it's time to kill Torak. There is a merchant near Kaitlin whose cellar was spared the orcs' attack. He can equip you if you need help.Just march into town and kill all orcs in sight.

    Open the remaining gate:

    There is one gate left to be opened; it's near the mill area. If you tried to open it before it was protected my a magical ward, but once Torak and his bunch have been dispatched, you ought to be able to get through.

Once you've freed the village, proceed out the path to the next map. This map is fairly simple. It's just a windy path with lots of beasts. Kill 'em all and proceed to the next map where you'll be at the dam. This next area is full of Malarites and various beasts.

    Fixing the broken bridge: (& destroying the dam)

    After clearing this level, you'll come to a bridge that's missing a section. Clicking on the section will tell you that you need to find some lumber. A good source of lumber is the upper left support for the dam. Take the lumber, return to the broken bridge, and click on the broken bridge. You'll fix the bridge and destroy the dam at the same time.

Now you're ready to move on to the Shaengarne Bridge itself. This level has your first relatively powerful magic user, Xuki. Xuki will order the bridge to be destroyed. She casts a multitude of spells including entangle (which tends to web up her own people), mirror, poison cloud, and confusion spells. When you first approach her, there is a dialog option and she'll ask for a meeting with Ulbrec. I'm not sure if this is possible -- my paladin didn't trust her intentions.

Once the battle is won, return to Ulbrec and report what has happened.

The Goblin Horde Fortress:

Ulbrec assigns you the task of dealing with the goblin horde's fortress. He'll mark your map for you. Once you get there, you'll meet Ennelia, Ulbrec's Scout. Ennelia isn't of much use, but does inform you there's an entrance to the fort to the east (actually it's in the northeast part of the map). Destroy all of the war drums that you see as you come across them.

There's a globlin leader named Vunorg who you may be able to convince to leave peacefully.

The main gates of the fort are sealed, so you'll have to enter via the cave.

    The password door

    There's a door that requires a password. I tried them all, but they didn't work. It's not important as if you continue via another passage, you'll come gain access to the rest of the map anyway.

    Yquog / Kruntar

    A demon named Yquog needs you to get a message from another demon named Kruntar. To get to Kruntar, follor a passage which will take you to another cave map. In order to get the message, Kruntar want's some bracers from Yquog. So go back to Yquog and get the bracers. Return to Kruntar, get the message, and return to Yquog.

    [Note: I tried pickpocket on kruntar to get the bracers back from him after I'd completed the quest, but all I got was some broken bracers that "must have been ruined in the battle]

    The big door with the warding glyphs in Kruntar's cave section

    To exit Kruntar's section and get to the fort, there's a big door with some warding glyphs on either side of it. You'll need the black ward stone to get through. Somehow I missed this the first time and brute-forced my way through this, but you end up needing the black ward stone anyway, so best to find it. I found the stone in the southwest quarter of the map; don't remember if it was dropped by a monster or what.

Once you exit through the rune door, you'll be in the courtyard of the fortress. Lot's of goblins and orcs and such to kill here, but not a terribly difficult battle. Use your ALT key to find the many stashes of goodies in the center of the map.

There's a grate in the floor with steam coming out of it -- AFAIK this is useless.

    Open the door to enter the fortress

    Theres a door to get inside the fortress. If you've got the black ward stone, it'll open for you, otherwise it won't let you (that's why I said to make sure you found it in Kruntar's cave).

Once inside the fortress, there is a battle with an Old Orc. He has a surprising amount of hit points and takes a while to kill, but otherwise isn't much of  a challenge. Once he's gone, there's a movie about Sherincal & Guthma.

The battle inside with Guthma and the other can be intense. There is no resting permitted in this map, but you can leave the map, rest, and return.

    Free Braston

    Braston is in a cell in the SE of the map. Talk to him and he'll follow you out. For some reason he disappeared on me when I left (perhaps I went to quickly?). Return to Ennelia and tell her you freed braston, though in my case she wasn't happy that he wasn't with me.

Once complete, return to Ulbrec. He'll set you up with your next task, to meet the Neverwinter forces.

The Western Pass

    Ulbrec assigns you the task of meeting up with the Neverwinter forces in the Western Pass.

    Getting There

    Talk to Oswald Fiddlebender and he'll let you use his airship. Oswald is just slightly NW of Ulbrec's house. Oswald will warn you that "sometimes accidents happen" and you might not ever make it back to Targos -- so get anything you need to get done in Targos completed before you leave.

    Repair the Airship

    Oswald's airship crashes and he needs you to get some ingredients to help fix it: The ingeridents are listed in a book on Oswalds floor.

    1. Spider Silk: There are spiders in the SE section of the map, by the giants.
    2. Thrym Extract: Get this by killing a worm (I don't remember specifically where I got it)
    3. Belladonna Paste: Illium Ar'Ghenoir has this; she's the leader of the druids in the north section of the map.
    4. Iron Ore: Any old weapon should do (including Yurst's broken weapons)
    5. 2 Diamonds: Find one in a chest in the airship. The other is in a cave up the stairs in the druid section on the northern half of the map (use your ALT key).
    6. Wood: Several piles of wood right outside the airship

    Once you have all the items, return to Oswald and drop the items on his table. Then talk to him and he'll start to fix the airship.

    Have Oswald make items for you.

    Oswald can turn that newly acquired beetle shell into a suit of armor, and can turn your winter wolf pelt & yeti pelt into a number of different clothing items.

    Kill the Beetle Nest

    The beetle nest is just north/northwest of the airship. Kill it so the beetles stop regenerating. There are lots of items inside.

    Deal with Beodawn

    Beodawn is in the Northern section of the map. He is a trader and has lots of followers. If you press him into battle (either through dialog or looking at the item stash behind him), he'll reveal himself to be a werewolf.

    Captain Yurst

    Captain Yurst is in the eastern part of the map. He is badly injured and needs you to kill off some giants (they are southeast of him). Return to Yurst and you'll find out about the traps, the neverwinter reinforcements, etc.

    Leaving the Area

    Once you've given Oswald all of the items, you can leave the area. The exit is in the NE section of the map and will take you to the ice cave.

Ice Cave

    The ice cave has some wonderful monsters, including Sherincal herself. Many doors are locked and you'll need a holy symbol to open them.

    Getting the holy symbol & opening the doors:

    The holy symbol is in a group of frozen neverwinter soldiers in the SE section of the map. There are three levers you have to pull which will break some of the ice. Then go down and find the symbol. Once you have the symbol, the doors will open for you. The doom guards will also start to attack you.

    Zack Boosenbury

    Zack is trapped inside a worm who is sleeping next to a door in the southern section of the map (you'll hear his "help" cries). Kill the worm to free him. He'll ask you to find his spider. It's in one of the locked (it will open if you have the holy symbol) rooms in the central section of the map. Zack will sell you spells.

    Final battle with Sherincal

    You'll get to fight Sherincal, which is kind of a tough battle.

Ice Castle (aka Temple/Prison), Level 1

    The Ice Castle has a total of three high priestesses (Lysara, Cathin and Oria), and there are three keys to pick up. Lysara and Cathin have the keys on them. Oria's key is in the Game Room on level 2.

    There are two ways into the temple from the Ice cave: one is through the main entrance, where you fought Sherincal. The other is a door off to the right of the main entrance that will take you into the Abishi Den.

    The Dais

    The temple is full of gadgets, and the Dais is one of the more confusing. It is located in the northern section, south of the Abishi den. It operates by turning it in two directions: Click on the left side will rotate the Dais CCW, click on the right side to rotate it CW.

      East, then West: Turn off anti-magic in prison
      North, then South: Open doors to Abishi den
      Southwest, then Northwest: Open doors to Oria's Study

    Nicodemus (on level 2) will explain this to you.

    Free the Abishi

    If you entered the temple via the main entrance, the abishi den is clear at the top of the map, and you'll have to use the Dais (turn it North, then South) to open the doors. If you entered via the side entrance, you will be brought directly into the Abishi room. Make sure you are fully healed -- the abishi will attack if you aren't. If you entered via side entrance, then you can gain access to the rest of the level by telling Xhaan to wait until the priestess shows up, and she will open the doors.

    Turn on Magic

    Magic is disabled in the prison. You can turn it on by turning the Dais East and then West.

    Free the prisoners:

    There are several prisoners, including Nathanial. Use lockpick on the doors to free them. After you've freed Nathanial, talk with him again to get additional information.

    The Kuldahar Painting Room

    There's a room with a Kuldahar painting which will (anoyingly) keep initiating dialog with you. Saying one of the various phrases should operate a teleporter. Talk to Nicodemus on level 2 for full instructions. Note: I'm not sure if these worked before I talked to Nickademus -- so you might need to talk to Nickademus first to get them all to work.

      "Death to Kuldahar": Just goes downstairs
      "Andora': The druid caves in the western pass map
      "Lysan": Get into the room with the shadow door
      "Auril, Shower the ....": Game Room
      "In Auril's Name...": Trasure room
      "bedroom": Nickademus (only appears after to talk to Nick)
      "from the sea...": the abishi room
      "hmmm..." airship

Ice Castle, Level 2

    Talk to Nickademus

    Nickademus's room is to the west of the central square of the map. Talk with him and it'll say "Zzzzzz" while he sleeps. Wander around his room and he ought to wake up. He'll give you a wealth of information on operating the various devices (Kuldahar painting, game room, etc) as well as grant you a favor.

    The Game Room

    The game room is in the SE of the map, and has a 9x9 grid with a Ice Golem in it. There's a lot of levers:

      Rank Levers: ten of them, select one to pick the rank of the battle mode

      Mode Levers: By selecting various combinations, you can get "temple maintenance", "inner sanctum", and "battle mode"

      Activate Lever: Click the activate lever once you've selected a mode (and optionally a rank).

    First thing to do here is to use the battle mode. Click the "rank 1" lever to select rank 1. Click the two mode levers until is says "battle mode", then click the activate lever. You'll get to fight three monsters, and when you've beat them, you'll get Oria's key.

    "inner sanctum" doesn't do anything... yet

    Defat Oria

    Oria is in the north-central section of the map. Once you are about to defeat her, she'll break her staff and attempt to kill everyone. What she really does is teleport to her inner sanctum where she becomes invulnerable. To defeat her at this point, go to the Game Room and select "inner sanctum" mode and then click the activate lever. You'll be phased into Oria's plane, where you can defeat her. Click the activate lever once again to return to the normal plane.

    Talisman Room

    There's a room with a lot of Talisman guys trapped and a mirror. Smash the mirror and you'll release them. They're quite upset and will try to kill you. I'm not sure if there's a better way to deal with this. (Talk to Nickademus)

    Prism Device

    On level 2 in the central section is the prism device. There are two control sticks nearby. One rotates the prism and one fires it. Here are the directions:

    • East: Unlocks a locked door nearby
    • West: Damages the Prism device (if you do this, go to the game room, select "Temple Maintenance" and activate the Golem)
    • North: After you have made it into the room with the shadow door, and after you have rotated one of the mirrors (see below), this will unlock the locked door with the shadow trap on it.

    Treasure Room & Nate's Belongings

    There's a treasure room with Nathanials Bag of Holding. Use the Kuldahar painting room to get there. Nathanial also has a ring somewhere -- I don't remember where I got it, but hang on to it if you find it. Once you have Nate's bag of holding, return to him and talk to him. (I believe all of Nate's belongings were in the treasure room; Maybe some items were in the posession of the Talisman guys too -- I don't remember)

    Destroy the altar & Release caged fury

    Once you've killed the three high priestesses, return to Nate on level 1 and he'll tell you to destroy their altar. The Altar is in a locked room on level 2. To get into there, you'll need to use the Kuldahar painting room and select the option "Lysan". Once in there, there'll be a door with a shadow trap that you cannot open. You'll need to use the prism device to defat the trap. First, rotate a mirror which is to the north of the prism device (use your ALT key to see which mirror hilights so you can move it). Then aim the prism device North and activate it. This will untrap and unlock the door. Unlock the door and enter the altar room.

    When you enter the room, the altar will open dialog with you. Tell the altar it's true name and it will release, turning into a tornado looking thing that'll do a bunch of damage to you, summon some monsters, and then leave.

    Once you've finished, go see Nathanial on level 1 again, and he'll destroy the glacier.

    Free the Abishi

    Once you've done away with the Altar and released Caged Fury, return to the Abishi and tell them they are free.

    Start Chapter 3

    Leave the Ice Castle, and chapter 3 will start. You'll be greated by a couple of Neverwinter soldiers who thank you for your good deeds. Proceed to the Wandering Village.

Wandering Village

    Thvara Baelm:

    Once you enter the map, You'll be attacked by Thvara Baelm and her henchmen. There are some dialog options so you might be able to talk your way out of it, but I ended up in combat.

    Sordirsin the Tusked (Barrow Ghost)

    A ghost, Sordirsin, is looking for his lost horn. This quest is a bit more difficult than it seems (see below under "suoma & the barrow ghost")

    Nym (In the Village)

    Nym has some information for you on how to get through the eastern pass. He also sells various magical items. Seems like a shady character though...

    Jari (In the Village)

    Jari needs a winter wolf pelt to show off to his girlfriend. Give him one.

    Suoma & the missing children (In the Village)

    Some of the villages children have gone missing. Suoma will ask you to talk with Venla the healer, who will tell you to go to the fell wood. Leave the village map and proceed to the fell wood map. You will find a large hut with Limha inside. She has been enchanting the children and turning them into minks. Once you confront her, she will dimension door herself outside, leaving you to fight her ogre. Once you leave the hut, she will be outside with numerous snow trolls and other monsters. Kill her, return to Venla the healer, and then talk to Suoma to get your next quest.

    Suoma & the Barrow Ghost (In the Village)

    Once you've done the missing children quest, Suoma will ask you to speak Tahvo the hunter, who will ask you to deal with the barrow ghost. Recall that the barrow ghost is missing his drinking cup.

    The drinking cup is deep (very deep) within the fell wood. The fell wood is a major pain in the butt to navigate. Here are some directions:

      start at the hunter ghost screen
      NE, N, E, E
      You will now be with carynara the druid
      Now you're in the 4-skeleton-archers room
      You should be in a room with four stones; in the center is the drinking horn
      Go West to make your way back out

    Note: Watch out for the "energy drain" spell that is often cast against your cleric in the fell wood. It will manifest itself as a drop in max HP. Use the cleric spell "restoration" to fix it.

    Once you've got the horn, speak to the barrow ghost, Tahvo, and then Suoma.

    Suoma & Kyosti's Ghost

    Sumoa's final quest is to find out the murderers of Krosti. She'll send you to talk to Kurttu. From there, talk to the other two persons involved (Carita & Leevo)). Now, go and see the hunter ghost in the fell wood.

    The hunter ghost will want you to defeat some willow wisps. Directions are as follows:

      Go to the drinking horn room, as described previously
      You are now in the first pond room
      SE, NE, NW
      Now you're in the first river room
       NW, NE, SE
      Now you're in the willow wisp room

    I found the willow wisps to be a difficult battle. Once you've defeated them, return to the hunter ghost. He'll give you the remains of everyone killed in the fell wood. He'll tell you Kyosti is in the area between the village and the fell wood.

    Go to the area between the village and fell wood. Kyosti is in the ice-covered grave (which is what you probably guessed at the beginning of this quest). Talk to him and he'll tell you that Caria murdered him.

    Return to the village, talk to Kurttu and Suoma.Give suoma the remains of the fell wood ghosts which you obtained from the hunter ghost.

    Isair and Madae

    Once you've talked with Sumoa, Isair and Madae will show up (Looks like "Nym" sold you out...) and make a mess out of things. They'll turn several of the hunters into zombies for you to battle. Dispatch them and things will go back to normal.

    Getting out of the fell wood

    Note: Buy a couple of Ropes before you leave the village (you'll thank me later).

    Talk to suoma again. She'll tell you that there are some Dark Treants that are responsible for warping the woods. Go to the fell wood. The Dark Treant will find you. Follow him and you'll have about four to battle.

    Once they're dead, the woods will (supposedly) un-warp and you should be able to make your way through. I had a bit of difficulty but somehow (I don't remember how) made it out.

Cold Marshes

    Once you get out of the fell wood, you'll be in the cold marshes. Not much to note here. There is a web trap when you first enter the screen -- have your thief search for it.

    The boulder puzzle

    There's a pile of boulders in your way. Clicking a boulder will move it to the empty spot that is to the right or left of it. You'll need to click them just right so as to line up a straight path through the boulders.

 River Caves

    Once you get to the river caves, you'll meet up with Ingrath Mariner who'll promise to help you fight a dragon. Of course, as soon as you get near the cave, Ingrath and his men will run the other way, leaving you to defeat the dragon.

    Once you've defeated the dragon, Ingrath will return. Confront him about why he let you down and poof! Ingrath and his men will turn into a pack of dopplegangers for you to fight.

    The Cave

    Enter the dragon cave and you'll have another dragon to fight. Once you've beaten him, look around for some goodies.

    Try to descend into the pit and you'll find that you need a rope (unless you already have a rope, like I told you to get earlier).

    If you're missing a rope, try casting the 83rd level cleric spell "materialize rope". If that doesn't work (and I guarantee it wont), go back to the wandering village and buy a rope. Better yet, buy a couple of them just in case. Travel to the wandering village will use the world map, so you don't have to worry about re-traversing the fell wood.

The Drueger Outpost

    The next map has the drueger outpost. It is located behind a boulder to the NW of where you enter the level. Turn the boulder and you can walk up to the outpost, but not enter it.

    Enter the outpost

    The outpost is locked and you don't have a key. The key (called the "Duergar Key") is located somewhere on the map -- if memory serves, somewhere in the SE part of it. There'll be a little cave that you'll have to walk through (walk into it and you'll be moved to the SE part of the map). Get the key and return to the outpost.

    Clear the boulders

    On the east side of the map are some boulders that you'll need mining tools to get through. The mining tools are located in the outpost. Talk to Barud Barzaun and he'll tell you to find them in the store room behind him

The Monastery

    You need to access the monastery's cellar to get to the underdark, but the problem is the leadership (Aruma Blane) won't let you. So we'll have to solve a little bit of intrigue in the monastery.

    Nonin is missing his ring

    Nonin is in the kitchen in the NW section of the monastery. He is missing his ring. The ring is in the possession of a thief in one of the locked rooms in the monastery. Confront the thief and give the ring back to Nonin.

    Salisam Harbash wants Aruma Blane removed from power

    After Aruma refuses your request, talk to Salisam and he'll ask you to remove Aruma from power. Search the locked room near Aruma & Dolin and find Dolin's papers that reveal he was sent to seduce Aruma. Then confront Aruma about it. She and Dolin will leave and Dolin will let you have access to the items in the room.

    ... alternatively ... You can tell Aruma of Salisam's plan and she'll banish him. I chose the other option because I'm playing a basically good character and it seems like the right thing to do.

    The 8 chambers:

    The monastery is home to one of the more painful puzzle quests of the game -- the 8 chambers.

    Each chamber has a gold button (use your ALT key) that you can press to get a selection of weapons. Most of the time, the weapons can be used against the monks -- the exception is chamber #5.

    1st Chamber: stone

    The lever sequence is plastered on the north wall for you -- it is: 1,5,3,2,4. Each time you pull a lever, additional stone monks will appear.

    2nd chamber: shadows

    If you number the top three portals left-to-right as 1-2-3, and the bottom three portals left to right as 4,5,6, then the correct sequence is 1-3-4-6. To put it another way, NW-NE-SW-SE.

    3rd chamber: sorcery

    Crystal monks will appear. Just kill em and be done with it. Every so often they will teleport back to a square and you'll get zapped with lightning, but just keep pounding on them.

    4th chamber: clock

    You've got a couple of monks to deal with -- just keep pounding on them. Every so often, the clock will timeout and blast you with a fireball, so be quick about it.

    5th chamber: sand

    Two monks who can't be hurt with the weapons. There are four levers and four "lasers" (for lack of a better term). Each lever will operate a laser. The levers operate in sequence. Get out a piece of paper and draw a diagram showing which lever operates which laser. The trick is to get the monks on one side of the chamber, pull the lever, and get them to walk across the laser. Keep repeating until they're dead.

    6th chamber: silk

    Lots and lots of spiders. Oh, and did I say there's lots of spiders? Just keep pounding -- eventually they'll stop regenerating.

    7th chamber: battle

    Okay, we've got locked switches and a fountain. When you step on a fountain it'll unlock the switch. If you step off the fountain, the switch will lock again. The trick is to lure one of the monks onto a fountain and knock him unconscous. Then run over and flip the switch. A door will unlock and two monks will appear so you can go up there and do it all over again.

    8th chamber: Immolation

    Very difficult. There's two brass monks that need to be eliminated and fire spurts that come out of nowhere. A firey "doughnut" will appear right before a spurt. So, if a doughtnut appears close to you. Hit the <Pause> button and move away to a safe location. Just keep pounding on the monks and avoiding doughtnuts and you'll make it through.

    Getting to the Underdark:

    Once you've finished the 8 chambers, talk to Salisam and he'll tell you the way to the underdark is now open. To get there, go down two flights of stairs from the main level of the monastery (i.e. go one flight down from where you faced the 8 chambers).

    There's a tomb here guarded by four iron golems. I didn't loot it (just didn't seem like the right thing to do).

    As you pass through the area under the monastery, you'll be ambushed by the duergar that you encountered earlier. It's a tough battle as they'll ambush you from both in front and behind. I found an effective strategy was to use my cleric to summon monsters to fight the duerger behind me while I dealth with the ones in front of me.


    Once you enter the Underdark, you'll be greated by Malavon and taken to his village.

    Malavon and the Driders

    Malavon's dark elves are being turned into driders and he wants your help stopping them. He also wants you to convince his sister to return to him. The sister, Ginafae, is in the drider caves. You should be able to convince her to leave via dialog.


    There's a mind-flayer named Oinchack'old who is missing his blue stone and he wants you to find it for him. It is located in the SW section of the drider caves, by the group of Myconids.

    Destroying the Viciscamera

    The viciscamera is the device in the drider caves that is being used to create the driders. It is located in a room with a bunch of pods. The pods will hatch into driders for you to kill. Do not attack the viciscamera device itself -- there is a better way to destroy it by crafting a custom potion.

    There is an alchemists lab in the southern-central section of the cave. Pick up any items on the benches and you'll find some ingredients: a mercury-like liquid and several vials of spores. You'll also find several books, including one with instructions on how to make a potion that will kill the viciscamera.

    The problem is, whenever you click on the alchemy lab (it's the bench-like thing that will turn to a "?" cursor when you mouse-over it), the alchemist will get upset and make you stop. My solution was simply to kill her off. Be prepared, she has enhanced many of the monsters and they are harder to fight than their counterparts. Once the alchemist is gone, you can create the poision.

    Take the poison and give it to the viciscamera (this viciscamera should have a blue "friendly" circle about it -- engage it in dialog and you'll get the option to use the poison).

    Animating the golem

    One of the golems in the alchemy lab was not animated, but you can animate it. To get the option to do this, talk to the golem first. Then go to the alchemy lab as you did to create the poison, and you'll have an option to the potion to animate the golem. Use the potion on the golem and then zap it with some energy to animate it. For energy, I used my mage's chain lightning spell -- kinda overkill, but it worked.

    Entering the mind-flayer maze:

    Once you've destroyed the viciscamera, return to Malavon for your reward. He'll teleport out. Once this is done, there will be several mind flayers in the NE corner of the map (in front of two grates that were locked earlier). You'll have to fight them. Hopefully you've animated the golem from the drider caves, and he can be of some help.

Z'hinda Citadel (aka mind-flayer maze)

    Upon leaving the underdark, you'll enter the mind-flayer maze. This thing is, as expected, full of mind flayers. There's also little bits of treasure scattered about. In the center of the mind flayer maze is an elder brain for you to defeat. There's nothing real complicated about the mind-flayer maze -- just make your way through it, kill all the monsters, and get out the other side.

    Once you complete the mind-flayer maze, you'll rejoin Oswald at the airship where he'll take you to kuldahar.

Kuldahar Valley

    The airship will land in the Kuldahar valley and you'll be greated by Hiepherus, a priest of Bane. He'll summon a bunch of monsters to fight and he'll teleport out.

    Killing Hiepherus

    Talk to jeremy and nathanial in the tower. They'll tell you that the priest of bane it holed up in a cave inside the cemetary and they'll remove the ward on the entrance so you can go in.

    Exit north and enter the cemetary. Kill all the undead you can find, and then touch the statue in the cemetary. You'll get a message that you have sanctified the cemetary to your god.

    Now, enter Hiepherus' cave. Kill everyone in there, including Hiepherus. Return to Jeremy and Nathanial for your reward (use someone other than a Paladin to collect the reward, as they will give you some magical items).

Kuldahar City

    Kuldahar city is under siege by Yuan-ti who are arriving through a portal in the great tree.

    Find missing townspeople:

    Numerous townspeople are looking for one another -- just visit all of the buildings and talk to the various people. Some of them will sell you some items if you need them.

    Iselor and the Yuan-Ti

    Iselor wants you to close the Yuan-Ti portal. To do this, you'll have to enter the portal (it's at the great tree) and destroy the guardian.

Yuan-Ti Portal

    Enter the portal. There's lots of Yuan-Ti for you to fight. Make your way to the Yuan-Ti temple.

    At the temple, you will find a teacher and several initiates. Kill them.

    If you do not have a paladin, you can use their robes to disguise your party. If you do have a paladin, you cannot wear the robes, so you will have to fight your way through the temple.

Yuan-ti Temple

    I had a Paladin, so I had to fight my way through the hard way -- if you were not as unlocky as I, you may be able to disguise your characters, and find a better way.

    Trap Rooms:

    There are two rooms with pits in hem and levers. If you walk into the put, it will turn into a fire (or electrical) trap. To shut off the pit, you must disarm the lever. Problem is, what happens if your thief get's stuck outside the trap, so there's no way to disarmit -- you'll know what I mean if this happens to you. Best solution is to send your thief into the trap first, disarm the lever, and then it will never go off again.

    The treasure room:

    The treasure room has a puzzle with a lot of bricks that you have to get pushed down to open the door. Work from left-to-right, pushing down bricks. If a brick pops up, the push it back down. Don't press the farthest-right brick until all of the others are down as it will reset them all otherwise. Just play with it for a while and you'll figure out a way to do it.

    Look for some +4 weapons. I don't remember exactly where I found them, but I'm assuming it was in the treasure room. You're going to need them later.

    Getting the pillar:

    There's a room with a statue of a dragon. You need to retrieve a little stone pillar from this room. You'll use it later.

    Summoning Chahopek the Guardian

    Once you've cleaned out the temple and retrieved the pillar, it's time to summon Chahopek the guardian. Exit the temple. Around the temple entrance there will be 8 positions for pillars. Some of them will be filled, others will be missing. Place the pillar you got from the temple into one of these slots. You'll need to find the remaining pillars -- they are scattered about Yuan-Ti map, mostly concentrated in some little temple structures. Get them all and put them in place.

    You're about to fight a tough battle - so prepare. In my case, I summoned as many helpers as I could (they will be useless for inflicting damage, but they will distract the guardian), equipped my characters with the +4 weapons, and hasted everyone, and cast whatever protection spells I had.

    Twist the last pillar and chahopek will appear. He's a big dragon that will take up most of your screen.

    Once Chahopek is dead, the portal will begin to close. Time is of the essence. You need to hurry and get out. If you wait too long, the portal will close and you will have to reload the game.

Back in Kuldahar City

    Return to Kuldahar and you're thrown into a battle with Cedra. Cedra is attacking Iselor in an attempt to get the heartstone gem. You're going to have to fight all sorts of monsters, including Yuan-Ti, Marauders, etc. Once you defeat one wave of them, another wave will appear. Just keep fighting and eventually you'll exhaust them.

    Talk to Iselor when the battle is complete and he'll put the Dragon's Eye on your world map for you.

 Dragon's Eye

    Things to collect

    During your travels in Dragon's Eye, you will need to be on the lookout for wyvren tails, agate gems, and rope. Be on the lookout for these items as you will need them later.

    Free the Prisoners

    There are prisoners behind a locked door that you cannot open by ordinary means. The prisoners give you a hint to look into the torture chamber. What you're looking for is the "crank" part of the rack. The rack is the thing they lay victims on and stretch them. Mouse over the rack and you'll get a "?" cursor for most of it, but there's one little part that will turn to a cursor that'll let you turn the crank.

    The bad guy prisoner

    One of the prisoners is a bad guy. He'll act a bit arrogant if you talk to him. He won't be hostile until he's had a chance to heal himself so go off and do something else for a while and come back and he'll be hostile and you can kill him.

    Nheero's Quest

    Nheero has a somewhat complicated quest for you to complete. Nheero is in the prison. He wants a potion to transform himself into a monster. He's sent a friend of his down to level 2 to substitute a modified mandrake root for a real mandrake root, so the alchemist will mistakingly make a modified potion. He hasn't heard back from his friend, so he wants you to find him. This is a long, somewhat drawn out quest:

    1. Start by talking to Nheero
    2. Find Mandel Graye's body on level 2 (it's in the indiana-jones style rolling trap room, described below).
    3. Report back to Nheero that you found the body. He'll tell you to find the ghost.
    4. Find Mandel's ghost, same place as his body. Mandel wants his favorite sword
    5. Go find the sword, it's somewhere on level 3.
    6. Talk to Mandel again. He'll show you several places (the wyvren pit, the alchemy room, etc)
    7. Go fetch the modified mandrake root from the wyvren pit (see below, if you went before the quest, and the root wasn't there, it will be there now)
    8. Go to the alchemy room
    9. Pick up the "mandrake root" from the bench and place the "modified mandrake root" on that same bench
    10. The alchemist will appear and pull the levers. There will be lots of green flashes around the tables
    11. Pick up the modified potion from the bench
    12. Put the original root back on the bench. You'll get a message that part of the quest is now complete.
    13. Go see Nheero on level 1

    Nheero and the research

    Nheero will research the strange creatures you encountered on level 1. Help Nheero get his Histachii potion first. When you find the library on level 2, ask Nheero again about the creatures. He'll meet you in the library and  tell you to find a study. When you find the study on level 3, ask Nheero again. He'll meet you in the study and tell you that the creatures are being used to fight lord Pyros.

    The Wyvren Pit

    There is a wyvren pit in the south-central section of level 2. You might need a rope to get there (there's a rope available on the bridge on level 1). You might want to hold off on the pit until you've been asked by Nheero to retrieve the mandrake root. Or you can go ahead and clear out the wyvren early (I did and all worked out fine for me).

    Gaining Access to Level 2

    The access to level 2 is in a room with a statue of a serpent. There are a bunch of torches in this room that need to be lit. Once they're all lit, the statue will open. To light them, you'll need to put a "fire agate gem" in each one. Fire agate gems were located in the inventory of several of the people you killed on this map. Wander around and check the treasure piles from the killed enemies and make sure you've picked up their agate gems.

    L2: The Indiana Jones Trap Room

    The eastern side of L2 has a room with a unique trap. Set it off at least once just for fun and you'll know why I call it the Indiana Jones room :) This room is a long narrow room on the eastern side of the L2 map with a chest at the bottom. You might be able to outrun the trap, or get out of the way. In my case, it rolled over my party and did a ton of damage, but didn't kill anyone, so that worked out fine.

    L2: Nathanial

    Nathanial is wandering about level 2. He's located in a room with a bunch of trees. His personality has changed a little bit which seemed odd to me. Nevertheless, he will heal your party and will buy/sell items from you.

    L2: Gain access to L3

    The level 3 access is in a cave-type thing in the SE of level 2. Watch out for a trap that will summon monsters every time you step on it.

    L3: Thorasskus's room / drawbridge

    There's a drawbridge that you can't get across. To do this, you'll need to first find the Sseth's Eye Arch on the western side of L3. Whenever you walk by the arch, you'll flee in fear. Go tell Nheero about this and he'll give you the remainder of his Histachii Brew so you can change one of your party into a Histachii. Do the transformation and you can walk into the arch. There is a lever (actually I think it's a candle) in the Sseth's Eye room -- when you pull it, the drawbridge will lower.

    Cross the drawbridge and you'll run into a child called Thorasskus whose involved in a fight with a bunch of efreti. Funny name for a child, eh? Well, he's actually the high priest. Confront him and he'll reveal himself. Tough fight!

    There is a "tunnel" in the SE of Thorasskus's room that'll take you to a treasure room.

    L3: The hydraulic door

    There is a door on L3 that needs to be opened by hydraulic means. It smells like "wyvren poison" and this is a clue for you. Talk to Nheero and he'll tell you how to make wyvren poison. Collect 4 wyvren tails and place them on a special bench in the alchemy room. You'll know which bench because the ones next to it will say they are for creating wyvren poison. Then go pull the lever as you did with the histachii brew. Your four tails will be converted to four vials of wyvren poison.

    Take the four vials to the four water basins on L3 that contain drinking water and put a vial in each one. The basins are in the NE, NW, SE, and SW corners of the L3 map. Each one will say the water is now poisoned. When you've done all four, return to the hydralic door and it will be open.

 Dragon's Eye Exit / Lord Pyros Domain

    This area has lots of traps, so watch out for them.

    This area is very confusing. First, let's understand what's going on. The high sorceress has cast a flawed temporal statis spell. The temporal statis spell is causing a giant time loop that will send you back in time.

    When you arrive,

    • Lord Pyros is dead
    • The inquisitor has killed himself
    • The high priestess is dead
    • The entire level is pretty much destoryed
    • A beholder has assumed leadership

    So, what we're going to do is to go back in time and fix this whole mess. To do this, we need to go back in time and prevent the high priestess from casting the spell.

    You'll need to go back in time four times. For each trip back in time, you will need to witness a certain event, then have Archon take you to "the exit to the fields of slaughter".

    Fix the bridge

    There is a damaged bridge that you'll need several ropes (I believe the number is 4) to fix it. Click on the bridge and drop each rope into it. You should have found enough rope inside Dragon's Eye.

    Getting Around

    Archon will give you passage to the Islands, but it's going to cost you $1800 gold each time you do it. You're going to be doing this a lot, so make sure you have lots of gold.

    1st iteration:

    Talk to everyone, then go to the exit to the fields of slaughter. The beholder will try to prevent you from exiting. Kill him and enter the exit. You'll be teleported back in time 1 day, and will be back at the entrance to the lair (in Dragon's Eye).

    2nd iteration:

    Lord pyros will be busy in a private meeting with the inquisitor (who will eventually poison him). Go see King Lothar and the ambassador first, and then you can see Lord Pyros and watch hime get poisoned. Once this happens, all hell will break loose and King Lothar will start destroying everything. He'll also send some efreti to kill Thorasskus.

    When you've done everything above, make your way to the exit to the fields of slaughter as before, enter the exit and you'll go back in time 1 day.

    3rd iteration:

    Visit Lord Pyros and the ambassador and they'll fill you in with more details on what is going on. Once you've talked to everyone, make your way to the amphitheator and watch the play. After the play, King Lothar will kill the high priestess.

    4th iteration:

    The key thing to do in this iteration is to watch the trial of the high priestess.

    5th iteration:

    The high priestess is about to cast her temporal statis spell. You have to get to her quickly. Haste one of your characters and send him down the west side of the level to get to Archon. You'll have to go fast enough to make it past the trap. All you need is one character to talk to Archon and have him transport your whole party to the ambassador's building.

    Do everything you can to distrupt the high priestess from casting her spell -- if she succeeds, then the game is over.



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