This is the Icewind Dale II hints and tips page.

Current Hints:

    Use the ALT Key

      Pressing the ALT key will hilight all the current objects, chests, doors, etc on the map. Use it to make sure you haven't forgot something.

    Need spells for your mage?

      Ulbrec's Wife in Targos (in a room to the right of Ulbrec's room) will sell you spells.


      Use the pickpocket skill to get free goodies and items from NPCs. Save before you pickpocket because if you fail, the NPC will turn hostile. s

     Winter Wolf Pelt and Boring Beetle Shell

      If you kill a wolf, save it's pelt -- Oswald Fiddlebender will be able to make use of it for you later (for me, it happened in chapter 2 after the airship crashed). Same story with the boring beetle shell.

    Energy Drain

      Watch out for "energy drain". It's particularly cast against your cleric in the fell wood. Use the cleric spell "restoration" to fix it.


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