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Welcome to the walkthrough for The Cerberus Incident.

Chapter 1: The Cerberus Incident

Station 1 (The Eye): Felix begins his quest in station 1, "The Eye". Felix's partner, Janice, has been crushed by the blast door. She is of no value. The primary goal in station 1 is to collect some items that Felix will need for his quest.

Click on the computer terminal in the main room and read all of the bulletins. Here is where you learn of the central quest, to deactivate Cerberus. Pick up the access card and medkit from the locker in the main room. Another locker in the bedroom contains some useful manuals. Read them to gain skill in unarmed and blades. The kitchen has a meat cleaver in the drawer. The laundry room has a lightweight jacket in the dryer. Equip both the meat cleaver and the lightweight jacket.

When you have equipped all useful items, proceed out the blast door that has pinned Janice. You will be attacked by the robotic vacuum cleaner. Destroy it and exit station 1.

Ray, Cerberus, and the Access Tunnel. The cerberus station is located due north of station #1. You may encounter weak scorpions, which you should be well-equipped to kill.

You will encounter Ray on the path to Cerberus station, sitting by a clump of trees. Ray will advise you that Cerberus is much to difficult to attack directly and that you should try to find the maintenance tunnel. Go back the way you came.

The access tunnels are located behind plain doors (i.e. doors without symbols) on the east and west sides of the main map. They are slightly north of stations 2 and 3. The access tunnels contain robo-vacs which should be an easy foe to defeat.

The access tunnel computer will inform you that you need keycards from stations 1 through 6 to gain entrance to the cerberus facility. You already have the keycard for station #1. Now you need to find the keycards for the other 5 stations.

Station 2 (The Heart): Station 2 is located due east of station 1. You will encounter some weak scorpions along the way. They should be easily dispatched. If you die, reload and try to kill them again. You may level up. If so, dump your points into the blade skill. Station 2 is the door that has a picture of the heart on it. The access door for the maintenance tunnel is nearby and easily mistaken for station 2 (it has no picture on it).

The residents of station 2 are dead; the victim of a faulty thermostat in the hot tub, and a bad timer in the tanning booth. They are of no value. As you may have learned from the micro-cassette in felix's posession, P.H. hung her station key on the pneumatic tube, and it has been flushed to an undisclosed location. Thus, there is no keycard to retrieve from station 2.

Behind the bookcase there is a secret room full of casino slots. you can open the secret entrance by finding the book titled 'free spins'. Once you find the casino slots you can play free slot games and all winnings can be used to purchase equipment for monica

Proceed to the station 2 bedroom. There are two lockers which contain a whip and cat 'o 9 tails. Loot them both. From the bedroom, proceed north into the presidential retreat.

Click the portrait of Hillary Clinton and retrieve the Monica 2.0 program. The video tape is of no value. The letter, stolen white house dinnerware, and 'w' key in the desk are also of no value. Proceed to the terminal. At the terminal, load the monica 2.0 program. Then activate the droid. Monica 2.0 will join your party. [If you activate the droid before loading the program, then Monica 2.0 will attack]. Equip Monica 2.0 with the whip as she has exotic weapons skill.

The hot tub room includes a changing room which has a medical droid. Avoid this room for now as you may not be strong enough yet. Instead, proceed to station 3.

Station 3 (The Goose): Station 3 is the magnetics research station. It is located due west of stations 1 and 2. You will know you're in the right place if there is a picture of a goose on the door. You may encounter more scorpions along the way.

Station 3 is deserted, the residents victims of a magnetic anomaly. Once inside station 3, proceed to the generator room, then to the generator control room and loot the station key from the locker.

Lockers in the storage room contain a collection of not-very-useful knives, plus a lightweight jacket that you can equip monica 2.0 with.


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