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You have joined a mysterious organization that promised you an exciting research project on an exotic tropical island. You've been assigned a research station, manned by a two person team. Your job is simple. Watch the other stations and record your observations on mini audio tapes. But.... something has gone horribly wrong. Your partner is dead, the blast doors have deployed, and The Cerberus Experiment needs to be shut down...

The Cerberus Incident is a "mini role playing game". This means it is relatively short. An experienced player can complete the game in a couple of hours. An unexperienced player will probably get killed a bit more often and game play will take longer. The maximum level your character(s) will obtain is around level 3.

The Cerberus Incident requires an accelerated graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0 or better. The Cerberus Incident has been tested under Windows XP using ATI and NVIDIA graphics adapters.


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