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Welcome to! is dedicated to computer role-playing games. We'll be putting up such things as walkthroughs, hints, previews, reviews, etc.

Check out my latest 3D RPG Game:

The Cerberus Incident

Check out the Icewind Dale II review and walkthrough! Also, check out our Might and Magic IX page!

It's been quite some time since I've added any new games to the site, but that's mainly because there has been such a lack of decent role playing games lately. I actually had to resort to re-playing fallout and fallout II just for something to do! You can buy the bundle for as little as four dollars (yes, $4.00), and they are the best RPG games ever written - an unbelievable value. I also started playing fallout tactics, which is good, but not as good as the originals.

Just because I hate mostly-empty pages, I'll throw in a few links here for some recent stuff that I've been working on:

Scott's Science Fiction Book Review
Shareware Etcetera
SB-Software Shareware Page
shamans dream slot

 If anyone does have any walkthroughs, hints, etc that you'd like me to host -- let me know. Generally I only put my own material online, but since things have been so slow lately, I wouldn't mind posting a good walkthrough, review, or whatever just to get things moving again.

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